Mother Mary

“The priest can not be a priest without Our Mother’s hand upon him.”

Mary Surrounded by Angels AssumptionThe most exalted Mother of God holds Jesus in her heart, adores Him, affirms and encourages Him, protects Him while He is little and vulnerable. They are one. When He is a man she prays for Him without ceasing and follows Him within her heart in communion with His heart. Mary, the Theotokos, the mother of Jesus (the Father of all priests), is the Mother of all priests. If Jesus could not have been without His mother, tell me what priest can live apart from his Mother, the Theotokos, and his Father, the Father of all fathers, the Lord Jesus Christ. Mary’s eyes gaze beyond her Son to all of her sons, to all of her children while her right hand is raised in reverence to her Lord, her child.

Lynne Bissonnette-Pitre, M.D., Ph.D.